Cherry-picked Comprehension

Students are taught at school to know what’s fact and what’s not to block them from mislead information but what’s happening now is beyond boundary.

In this era technology circulates around our moving society, a requirement in school and even in parents’ work and children as early as a toddler already have gadgets in hand instead of toys, indeed it shows progress and somewhat beneficial but still has open flaws.

According to Wikipedia there are currently 6.9 million of Filipinos who visits a social media networking site at least once a month and in that number streams fake news.

Unfortunately, since almost all teens have social media accounts for certain purposes including education, some take it as an advantage to freely post unsupported data without verification from rightful authorities.

Considering a large portion of the population depends for news and facts in social sites particularly on Facebook, releasing rumors like ‘classes are suspended’ even if there’s none reported from PAGASA and a DepEd memorandum that such information is accurate.

“ In my perspective, I don’t take it seriously for I know it’s not true cause it doesn’t have enough proof.’’ said a student and likewise a user of Facebook in a short interview if students do believe such hearsay. Some who are knowledgeable enough tolerate it as a joke, on the other hand, some consider it as such.

The freedom to express is a right not an excuse. Users of any social media sites should be conscious on what they are feeding online to avoid fallacies and confusions to reign on our innovating society.


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